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Are you in need of an extra living space for an aging parent or for your growing family? Look no further than Pasadena ADU Builder for all your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) needs. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts specializes in creating custom ADUs that are tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Whether you're looking to add a small guest house or a fully-equipped apartment, our Pasadena ADU Builder team can help you design and build the perfect space. With our innovative and cost-effective solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you build your dream ADU with Pasadena ADU Builder.

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Consider an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) as a solution when you are in need of additional living space but don't want to move to a larger home or pay for a separate property. ADUs, also known as mother-in-law units, backyard cottages, granny flats, and more, are small living spaces that are legally part of the same property as the main home. They offer a variety of benefits, such as providing a source of income for homeowners, allowing extended family or guests to remain nearby while affording them their privacy, and allowing flexibility for independent living.

Flexibility in housing makes sense for many reasons including financial, availability, and lifestyle. Legally an ADU is part of the same property as the main home. It cannot be bought or sold separately, as a condominium or a dwelling on wheels might be. The owner of the ADU is the owner of the property the main home sits on. If you’re interested in an ADU, Pasadena ADU Builder Hidden Peak Homes can help you navigate the complexities of requirements for setting one up on your property. Let us do the work for you with Pasadena ADU Builder.

There are many benefits of ADUs, they allow extended family or guests to remain nearby while affording them their privacy. They can provide a source of income for homeowners with the land available to place them on. ADUs often allow as much efficient living space as many condominiums or apartments and suit couples, seniors, and small families very well. They also allow flexibility to share the same space while retaining independent living areas. This can offer seniors the ability to age in place. They are an affordable type of home to construct because they do not require paying for land, major new infrastructure, structured parking, or elevators. Pasadena ADU Builder can help you with this.

One of the most significant benefits of ADUs is that they can provide a source of income for homeowners. Renting out an ADU in Pasadena can generate additional income, which can be used to pay for the mortgage, taxes, and maintenance of the property. This can be especially beneficial for those who have a large property and are looking for a way to make it more financially viable. Additionally, ADUs can be a great way to provide housing for family members or friends who need a place to stay.

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